Transforming Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant and Adoptive Cell Therapies


Shielded Cell & Immunotherapy Pairs™

Using our cell-shielding technology and precisely paired immunotherapies, we aim to significantly improve the eligibility and outcomes of hematopoietic stem cell transplants and adoptive cell therapy.

Our proprietary immunotherapies deplete diseased cells, while our cell-shielding technology protects healthy transplanted cells and allows them to engraft.

Because the transplanted cells are shielded, the immunotherapy can continue to be safely administered post-transplant to boost engraftment or treat minimal residual disease.

Shielded Cell Immunotherapy Pair
Cimeio Shielded Cell
{We have the ability to specifically edit a cell surface receptor to completely prevent antibody binding while keeping the receptor fully functional. Instead of removing a target entirely, this type of epitope editing has the potential to allow the shielding of any cell surface receptor, thereby enabling a much broader application of our technology.{
Lukas Jeker
Lukas Jeker, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder, SVP Gene Editing
Shielded Variant


Cell Shielding

We use gene editing tools to insert novel protein variants into HSCs or other types of cells, allowing the cells to maintain their function while making them resistant to depletion by the paired immunotherapy.

Our shielding technology has proven to be effective in shielding cells from depletion mediated by antibodies, T-cell engagers, ADCs, and CAR-T cells.

{Our Shielded-Cell and Immunotherapy Pairs represent a fundamentally new approach to cellular therapy. We believe our technology platform has the potential to significantly improve HSC transplant, and will one day allow it to be given as an outpatient procedure in some circumstances.{
Thomas Fuchs
Thomas Fuchs